T-Shirt #34 by Zac Bayly


T-Shirt #034 in DoBeDo's 'Photographers T-Shirt Series' is 'Flash (Ah-Ah!) by Zac Bayly.

It features two photographs of Bayly's friends disguised in meticulous body paint as superheroes, soaring through the night sky.

A limited run of swim briefs collaged by Bayly accompany this launch, and the full project has been published as book #009 in DoBeDo's '6x4 Photobook Series'.

DoBeDo's 'Photographers T-Shirt Series' started in 2009 and has included over thirty photographers over the last fourteen years. T-Shirts are also available via our 'Photographers T-Shirt Series Subscription.'

DoBeDo T-shirts are made from 100% organic cotton. Cut, sewn and printed in Portugal.