Delivery & Returns Policy

This document ('Delivery & Returns Policy') explains DoBeDo Projects Ltd's current product delivery arrangements and the circumstances in which we will accept product returns and on what terms.


Reference in this Delivery & Returns Policy to working days is to business days in England on which all its principal retail banks (Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds, Nat West, RBS and TSB) have physical branches open to customers.

Ordinarily, subject to any specific request made by the customer and availability from stock, delivery is within the time frame and by way of the service specified below.

Packaging is as follows: cardboard boxes, protective plastic outer layer, bubble wrap or other protective filler and branded tape.

If you have a large order or particular needs for delivery, please do not hesitate to contact us by email: We are here to help.

All supplies, trade or consumer, are subject to our prevailing [Sale Terms & Conditions] from time to time. Payment is required at the time of order before dispatch including delivery charges specified for territory and standard of carriage.

Orders are dispatched to the customer's specified address within 3 working days subject to any order confirmation advice and to the following delivery timetable allowances (the customer must allow expiry of the stated period before raising any query as to non-receipt):

UK: 5 working days

EU incl. ROI: 10 working days

Rest of World: 15 working days

It is the customer's sole responsibility to provide a correct delivery address complete with the applicable post or other area code.

Where appropriate the required export/import and customs notification will be supplied including on packaging as required.

DoBeDo is not responsible for any additional charges arising by reason of the customer’s insurance choices, or local duties, charges and levies, or customs clearances, all of which are the customer’s obligation.


We aim to get you your products in perfect condition or as they may otherwise have been described.

Customer claims must be sent to us within 7 working days of delivery and will not otherwise be entertained.

If you do receive any item damaged or which is otherwise faulty we will endeavour to resolve this as quickly as possible. We want you to be 100% happy with your order, so if this is not the case, then please ensure that you return all items to us in exactly the condition and as packaged when dispatched to you and we will arrange at our election either (a) a replacement or (b) a 100% credit for you to spend in our shop, net of delivery costs only, always provided that we receive a valid notification of claim (as above) and the returned goods no later than 30 days after such notification.

If your problem is only with part of the order, and you only wish to address that issue, then please contact us promptly on receipt of your order within 7 working days as above and we will aim to resolve the problem to your satisfaction.

Please note: In order to qualify for a valid return and refund, the goods must be unused, returned in a resellable condition and in original packaging. This is unless otherwise agreed by us.

We can only accept returns and examine other grievances if raised within the specified timetables and requirements and only in respect of products directly supplied by us as referenced in an order and subject to our invoice. We are not responsible for contracts between you and third parties, even if we act as a link or in an introductory capacity. You should take any issue up directly with the supplier with which you have a contract.