T-Shirt #032 By Edd Carr


T-Shirt #032 in DoBeDo's 'Photographers T-Shirt Series' is 'I AM A DARKROOM' by Edd Carr.

It features an image from Edd Carr's film documenting The Sustainable Darkroom. Available in two variations; standard screenprint or hand-cyanotype print. Both versions come with a booklet containing tutorials for sustainable film processing. 50% of profits will be donated to Good Heart Animal Sanctuaries.

DoBeDo's 'Photographers T-Shirt Series' started in 2009 and has included over thirty photographers over the last fourteen years. T-Shirts are also available via our 'Photographers T-Shirt Series Subscription.'

DoBeDo T-shirts are made from 100% organic cotton. Cut, sewn and printed in Portugal.

Cyanotype T-Shirt Care:
Hand wash your item with pH, phosphate-neutral soap and cool (or warm to the touch) water and then air dry.

The hand cyanotype printed T-Shirt has been made with a very delicate process and so needs to be cared for gently to avoid drastic fading or running of the image. All T-Shirts are one of a kind and might look slightly different from the T-Shirt pictured. Please make sure you are comfortable with this before ordering.