T-Shirt #019 by Frank Lebon

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T-Shirt #019 in DoBeDo's 'Photographers T-Shirt Series’ is ‘Unaccompanied Minor’ by Frank Lebon. The T-Shirt is embroidered on the front and has a full-colour print of Frank’s aeroplane collage on the back. It also comes with a 20-page photo booklet.

"at the age of 6 my mum left for LA. if the money was there i would visit her every summer.
there was nothing worse than the feeling of getting on that 12 hour flight by myself, confronted with all my abandonment issues, and feeling really alone.
this film is about how hard it can be to say goodbye
how being alone is being all one
and how i love you i love me loves important 123
with my dad in mind
and in memory of barry kamen"
- Frank Lebon

Watch the accompanying film here.

DoBeDo's 'Photographers T-Shirt Series' started in 2009 and has included over thirty photographers over the last fourteen years. T-Shirts are also available via our 'Photographers T-Shirt Series Subscription.'

Frank Lebon
Sold Out