'20 Photographs' by Hugo Scott

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’20 Photographs’​ is a selection of Hugo Scott’s portraiture shot over the last eight years. Regularly traveling to different countries for his day job, Scott started taking portraits during his downtime, photographing people in the places he found himself as a way to interact with and experience unfamiliar situations. As his hobby grew into his main occupation, he began travelling specifically to photograph – this photo box includes photographs taken in Romania, South Africa, Cuba, Spain, France, and across the USA.

This publication was designed by Loose Joints and includes 20 card-mounted photographs with a signed and hand-numbered index page, held in a hand-finished box.

Print Type: 20 C-Type Prints hand-mounted on de-bossed card
Print Size: 22 x 28cm
Cover Type: Hand-finished yellow embossed slipcase with tray and ribbon
Cover Size: 3.5 x 23 x 30cm

Edition: 150
Publisher: DoBeDo, 2018
ISBN: 9780957077843

Sold Out