Introducing 'Reely & Truly' Documentary Series

3rd Nov 2023

The 'Reely & Truly' project began in 2013 when Tyrone Lebon started filming photographers including Fumiko Imano, Jason Evans, Takashi Homma, Dick Jewell, Keizo Kitajima, Nigel Shafran, Harley Weir, Petra Collins, Ari Marcopoulos and Nobuyoshi Araki amongst many others.

The resulting film, released in 2014, acts as a 25-minute trailer for the 'Reely & Truly' series. A preview of the film can be seen below, and the full film can be viewed by DoBeDo Members in our Film Section.

Over the following years Lebon went on to continue filming many of the photographers, and now those films - as well as more from other directors - will be released as originally intended: a series of individual episodes exclusively available to view here on

Episode 1 is 'Inside the Bum' - a portrait of image maker Harmony Korine, made by brothers Frank and Tyrone Lebon on the set of Korine's 2019 film 'The Beach Bum'.

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Tyrone Lebon