DoBeDo Photography Mentorship Program

5th Apr 2021

DoBeDo is launching its very own mentorship program, offering chosen applicants the opportunity to converse, brainstorm and reflect on their projects and goals with experienced mentors from the DoBeDo community.

These virtual mentoring sessions will last a six-month period and aim to provide guidance, support and direction, as well as an expansion of resources and photographic repertoire to burgeoning photographers.

Mentors include Brianna Capozzi, Jalan and Jibril Durimel, Edward Quarmby, Frank Lebon, Hanna Moon, Harley Weir, Hugo Scott, Jack Day, Jamie Hawkesworth, Johnny Dufort, Lily Gavin, Mark Lebon, Milo Reid, Nigel Shafran, Rosie Marks, Tommy Malekoff, Tyrone Lebon amongst others.

If you are interested in taking part as a mentor please email us and follow DoBeDo Projects on Instagram to be updated about the next cycle of the programme if you would like to apply as a mentee.