'Four World Set' Ephemera Exhibition by Tom Shannon and Frank Lebon

4th Nov 2022

Mount Kimbie duo Dom Maker and Kai Kampos were kept apart during Covid on opposite sides of the Atlantic, producing music separately, the result of which was their double album 'MK 3.5: Die Cuts | City Planning.' Kai worked with Frank Lebon to art direct a visual interpretation of his half of the album. The sculpture 'Four World Set' and its accompanying film are the result.

‘Four World Set’ (2022) by Tom Shannon is a sculpture composed of four inflated spheres arranged as a tetrahedron, the simplest 3D shape there is. Each sphere is made of an inflatable mirrored mylar, and when stacked, the spheres mirror each other infinitely at four touchpoints. The viewer is encouraged to observe the space between the spheres to experience these reflections and feel the surfaces vibrating delicately with the wind during their outdoor installation. Each sphere is sixteen feet in diameter, and collectively, the installation reaches approximately thirty feet in height. Within the piece, a pyramid appears briefly through the compounded reflection, a monument to a moment, a round quartet that plays with the light of its surroundings.

Twenty-four hours into its week-long installation at St. Giles Square, the sculpture was swept away by the extreme winds of ‘Storm Claudio’, which affected all of Central London.

‘Four World Set’ Ephemera details the research, planning, successful installation, audience interaction and subsequent media reaction to the sculpture’s premature deflation. Scrap pieces of the sculpture are displayed next to the original drawings provided by Tom for the sculpture’s fabrication. A short documentary by Raf Fellner produced in real-time is included in the exhibition detailing the entire endeavour.

An original painting by Tom Shannon from 1977 titled “Gravity” is shown alongside the installation, placing it in a new contemporary context. The same painting was used as the cover art for Kai Campos’s new “City Planning” album.

Commissioned by Mount Kimbie
Soundtracked by “City Planning” by Kai Campos
Art Direction by Frank Lebon

4-5 November 2023

Frieze Gallery,
No.9 Cork Street,

'Four World Set' By Raf Fellner